A better way to generate ideas for your business

Great ideas can transform your business. Unfortunately, traditional brainstorming sessions don't work.
So we developed a better method.
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Train your employees to become better thinkers

Inside of every business is the next BIG idea; an idea that will help you grow, improve your operations, and position your organization as a market leader.

Unfortunately, that idea is trapped. But there is a way to unleash it.

At THINKERS Manifesto, we are dedicated to helping organizations improve the way they think. And one of the most powerful methods is an on-site training session.

The THINKERS Training is an in-person two-hour training session designed to train managers and supervisors on every step required to generate the best ideas from your employees, including:

Useful Tools

A simple framework for understanding problems that will inspire the best ideas.

Smarter Group Management

How to develop ideas in a group and the type of people that must participate.

Smarter Decisions

The essential elements ever manager must know to filter and rank ideas.

Introducing a better method for creating ideas

You are probably familiar with the concept of brainstorming. And while it sounds great in theory, it rarely works. Why?

Because brainstorming sessions actually produce fewer good ideas than if people had just been left alone to work by themselves on an idea.

In this eBook (available as a PDF), we provide extensive analysis and insights that will help you and your organization generate more quality ideas in less time

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