Have you ever thought about the way you think?

We have. A lot.

In 2016, inspired by the research of Daniel Kahneman in his best selling book, Thinking, Fast and Slow, Sean Jackson set out to answer a fundamental question:

How can we think better?

And what we’ve learned has surprised us, inspired us, and most of all, guided us toward becoming better thinkers.

This company is a manifestation of all that we have learned about thinking. We launched it because now is the time to share what we’ve learned with others. Why? Because the world needs better thinkers and we want to do our part by helping to create better, bolder thinkers … one thinker at a time.

This commitment led to the development of THINKERS Manifesto LLC. Our mission is to create the tools, experiences, and education that inspires you to think, create, and share so that your ideas can change your world.

Sean Jackson

Sean Jackson is an online entrepreneur whose entire career is focused on merging technology with the needs of marketing.

Sean has started four companies, including Copyblogger Media, and has developed numerous software and SaaS products. He is a noted speaker and holds a patent for his information retrieval algorithm.