Stop daydreaming about becoming
a better thinker.

Take action and learn the step-by-step process for how to actually do it.

The THINKERS Workshop builds on the principles outlined in the THINKERS Manifesto to help you become a better thinker. 

Attendees will learn a step-by-step process for putting the key elements of becoming a better thinker into action, including:

  • The two different styles of thinking we all have, and how to use them to your advantage (so they don’t use you).
  • The secret strategy for managing emotions that people dealing with the toughest circumstances imaginable have learned how to harness.
  • Why environment plays a critical role in the quality of your thinking, and how to craft the environment you need for the kind of thinking you need to do.
  • How to engage your creative and critical thinking with a framework for analyzing problems and deriving solutions that actually work.
  • And more.

The THINKERS Workshop is led by individuals who are certified by our company to teach our unique process, and who have met our stringent requirements in delivering the best experience possible for attendees.
Our Workshops are available in 1-hour or half-day sessions, either in-person or online. In addition, all attendees are provided a THINKERS Notebook as part of the training.
If you are interested in having us help you improve your organization’s strategic and creative thinking, please download our information brochure or complete the form below.